Take Your Project From Ordinary To Extraordinary With Stone Veneer

Most homeowners desire a rural rock exterior as it adds curb plea as well as value to a home but getting the real thing is not easy anymore. As an alternative, synthetic stone veneer has become the latest style in rock exteriors because it is easily accessible, very versatile and very convenience. Although it is man-made, it consists of several elements, carefully constructed, so as to retain a genuine appearance. A mixture of aggregates, cements, iron-oxide pigments and natural material are all cast in shapes which have been borrowed from nature. Then, the stone is colored to match the desired specifications.

Types of stone veneer

There are 2 types of stone veneer:
• The first one uses real stone and thus quite expensive for middle income earner citizens. However, it is the best stone for those with deep pockets; it is gorgeous and last for a very long time.
• The second type is well known as cultured stone or faux stone. A little tidier and lighter to work with, faux stone veneer is the ideal choice for most DIY projects.

Application of stone veneer

You can install stone veneer to a variety of surfaces, both outside and inside your house. One of the most popular applications of stone veneer is to use it to cover fireplace area for an earthly look. It can also be used to give a magnificent effect in kitchen, an eye-catching backsplashes and also stunning spa-like showers. Additionally, it does well as home siding material, giving an old world look especially to new buildings. Another area it can be put to wonderful use is the backyard – it can softens the transition between manmade features and natural surrounding such as the pool or patio.

Benefits of stone veneer

Stones have always been used to add a touch of aesthetic value and ageless character in a home. Thanks to architectural stone veneer and other frills for decorating offices, backyards and homes, this is now being accomplished efficiently and inexpensively. In addition, stone veneer, also known as man-made stone, manufactured stone or architectural stone is now seen as a worthy alternative to other natural stones because of the following reasons:
• It imitates the authentic look of natural stone. But unlike natural stone it doesn’t depend on nature or environment for its supply – it is readily available because it is manufactured in large quantities.
• When compared with natural stone (hand-picked), the mass production of stone veneer is usually a cheaper alternative.• It usually designed as a lighter and a more practical product compared to natural stone. It can be handled and even installed easily.
• It is very easy to clean

Maintenance of stone veneer

About 4 weeks after installation, you need to apply a good sealer to the stone to protect the surface. Ensure that you reapply the sealer regularly to keep the surface in good condition – especially in outdoor installation. Remember that sealers can change the color of the stone, experiment in a hidden area; if you don’t like the outcome, try a different product.

Whether you are installing stone veneer outside or inside your house, the process of installing is still the same. Today, it is a more user friendly product for home exteriors and interiors, and it’s available in different textures and colors.

Tips Of Having The Best Stone Fireplace In Your Home

A stone fireplace is what makes your living room look beautiful. When building a home, you should choose the best design that fits your taste. The fireplace is the most important part of the living room because it’s the place that most family gatherings take place. Moreover, it is also considered as a special and intimate place for most people. There are many designs that can be used when building a stone fireplace and there are also different types of stones that can be used in construction. For you to have the best fireplace, what you need to have is a good quality stone and the correct shade.

Important decisions when making a stone fireplace

Making a decision on what type of fireplace to make can be quite hard at times. It is not as easy as walking into a showroom and picking just any design. Below are some of the tips that will help you in making a decision on what type of fireplace that you want to have:

1. What material do you want to use?
What kind of stone do you want to use? Is it the natural stone or manufactured stone? A good thing about manufactured stones is that they are cheaper to buy and also cheaper to install than natural stone. This is because they are lighter than the natural stone. The natural stone is beautiful compared to the manufactured stone and so the end product will be gorgeous. If you have enough money in your budget, the best decision is to use the natural stone. However, if you don’t have enough money, don’t stress yourself because manufactured stone is also nice.

2. Style and color that you want to use
There are different styles that can be used to construct a fireplace. Before making any decision on what type of design that you will use, it is important to visit different showrooms that display different types of fireplace and from there you can the narrow down your choices. After making a few choices you can now ask for some samples so that can see how the stones will look like in your home. Some of the stones that can be used to construct a fireplace include tacked stone, river rock, and field stone. There are also cases where you can use two types of stones.

3. Will other stone rim or a keystone be incorporated in your fireplace design?
Before making this decision, visit showrooms to see how fireplace with different stone rims looks like. You can also see pictures of different fireplaces online. Note that you can decide to do without a key stone. Some of the styles of having a key stone include the following:
– Having a row of singe-height stones that are trimmed above the opening of the fireplace
– Have a keystone arch surrounding the fire-place opening
– Have a long stone above the opening of the fireplace.

4. How you would like your hearth to be designed
Ask your contractor if you can see how your hearth will look like, don’t assume that all will end up well. You should also make a decision on how the hearthstones will be laid and whether you will use natural stone or manufactured stone.

Following the above tips before making a decision on the kind of fireplace that you want will help you end up with the best stone fireplace.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Brick Veneer Walls

The words “brick veneer” regularly give a mental picture of a house that has been made of brick. This is precise yet wrong in the meantime. A brick veneer that has been set up accurately will have the same appearance as a home that has really been made of brick. Homes with brick veneer will appear to be identical to the untrained eye, a great many people don’t really realize that these is totally distinctive thing. A brick house utilizes the bricks as its backing though a house that has had a brick veneer will be there for the purpose of outward appearances. These are a portion of the reasons why a few mortgage holders will utilize a veneer brick divider.

Changes The Look Of Your Home

It has been expressed once in the recent past, however brick veneer is utilized to give people, the feeling that the house is made of brick. The house will have its own specific manner of supporting itself yet the veneer will make it appear like the house is made of brick. Mortgage holders who are searching for something other than what’s expected utilize this frequently to roll out significant improvements by making basically one and only real conformity.

Establishment Is Much Easier

The bricks give the house solidness and backing it, therefore the house won’t remain without them. Veneer brick however is like including an enclosure or something comparable as in it can be included anytime afterward. It does not need to bother with any foundation in bricklaying to be introduced, it simply needs some desire. It is a flawless task for a property holder who may incline toward the thought of being somewhat more involved.

Not Very Costly

A house made completely of robust brick has a tendency to have higher expenses. Brick veneer fundamentally covers the dividers that are now there. Due to this and by expansion the measure of crude materials required by examination, veneer brick is not exceptionally extravagant as far as its cost. A property holder who does not have a ton of extravagant apparatuses can in any case put an engaging format without spending a ton as far as purchasing the bricks.

Regardless of the way that individuals can get stirred up regularly, a brick veneer divider and a robust brick divider are two totally diverse things. A strong brick house needs the bricks so as to stay standing. Without those bricks the house has truly no backing. A veneer divider varies on the grounds that it can give spectators the feeling that the house is made of bricks, however the house will really be utilizing the bricks for nonessential purposes. Brick veneer can be significant to a home in light of the fact that it totally changes the way your home shows up, it is not difficult to introduce, and it is not a lavish thing to put in. A do-it-without anyone else’s help sort of individual can undoubtedly put the divider freely if they so pick even without a foundation in bricklaying or related callings. Renovators who need to make immense enhancements at reasonable costs need to truly consider brick veneer divider.